Skills and Leadership Courses

Whether you want to improve your existing skills or learn new ones, using our dynamic, and friendly coaching ,we will work with you to individualise your learning experience, and get you set you up to harness the paddling environment. Our courses offer everything from the fundemental beginer skills to the more advanced leadership and expedition paddling skills.

British Canoeing 2 Star Award – Or Up Skilling

British Canoeing 2 Star Generic Award.

You will need this generic paddling  award if you would like to go into coaching. It demonstrates that you have a competent and confident performace in both single and double bladed craft, operating in a flat water environment. If you need to fine tune existing skills, or you would like us to take you through the 2 star skill sylibus, please get in touch to arrange a conveinient date.

We can arrange all equipment if needed.

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Accommodation: Optional

Price: From £95.00 (Not including any certification fees payable to BCU)

Dates:   Dates are arranged to suit the client (s)













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British Canoeing 3 Star Training /Assessment Courses

British Canoeing  3 star Training/Assessment Courses

These two day Training courses are aimed at candidates who have some experience in the 3 star environment, who aremaiming to achieve assessment on the second day.Certification fee for NGB awards are in addition to the fee advertised and payable to Canoe England on successful completion of the course.

Duration: 2 days

Accommodation: Not included

Price: 2 Days £165.00 training / Assessment or 1 Day assessment only £85.00 (Prices exclude certification fees for home nation)

3 Star kayak White Water Dates:

Feb – March – April – May 2017 – Bristol South Wales

Alerernative dates can be arranged to meet individual,or club/group requirements, please ask to see how we can help you progress.

3 star Canoe white water courses

Feb – March – April – May 2017   Bristol/South Wales

We can arrange suitable dates for touring awards in kayak and canoe , please get in touch

British Canoeing 4 Star Leader WW – Training – 2 Day course (Minimal)

The 4 star White Water Leader Training course will give you the skill awareness, boat handling techniques, and skillful application which will allow you to take on Grade 2-3 water, with a leadership capacity. We use a dynamic approach to our coaching, enhancing your existing boat handling skills. The main  focus is to give you the skills to safely negotiate the river and do it with style and efficiency.

This practical, discipline specific, two day course will look at all aspects of the syllabus. In addition to this you will are also required to complete the new BCU White Water Safety and Rescue Award prior to assessment.

Pre-requisites: Relevant BCU New 3 Star Test or Old 4 Star Test, or confident on grade 2 – 3 water.

Duration: 2 days

Accommodation: Optional

Price: £180.00


2017 Courses published soon  – South Wales

Further dates can be arranged to suit candidates requirements , please get in touch to discuss options

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British Canoeing – 4 Star WW Leader Assessment

Our 4 star assessments are realistic, non invasive, and relaxed. The emphasis being with you the candidate, paddling with fellow paddlers on grade 2-3 water, and dealing with real situations as they happen. Present yourself for assessment with the right gear, know how to use it, when needed, paddle and lead safely, with passion and style and reflect on a positive outcome at the end of the course.


Relevant BCU New 3 Star Test or Old 4 Star Test, first aid certificate, logged paddling and leading experience and evidence of 4 star training, and WWS& R Training course.

Duration: 2 days

Accommodation: Optional

Price: £180.00


2017 Dates published Soon

Please give us a shout if you would like a course running.

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4 Star WW 1 day Refresher Course

Whether you just want to fine tune your existing skills, or you have your leadership assessment coming up, and want to fine tune your skills, this could be for you. We will spend a day looking at River Safety, Leadership, and your Personal skills.

Duration: 1 day

Accommodation: Optional

Price: £85.00

Dates: Its best to contact us directly and arrange courses. Please use our booking form and check out the Calender for availability.


Moving Water Introduction

Get the right skills, right at the start, with high energy, high performance coaching. We will give you a fantastic first session, with optimum paddling time, in a personally challenging, but very safe environment. You will learn how to manoeuvre your craft in and out of the flow, and how to work with the river and harness its energy to your benefit.

This can be part of an ongoing development programme or a initial session to get your water wings.Sessions can be delivered over a couple of hours, or wfull days.

Duration: 1 day

Accommodation: Optional

Price: £85 half day or £110.00 full day – All Equipment provided

Dates: To find out more and to book, please use our information booking form, or call directly.

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Moving Water Progression Course

So you have the skills, and you’re confident on rivers at grade 2-3, but the boat is not performing as you would expect, and your skills are not always consistent, especially when you really need to call on them.

Then perhaps this course is for you. Specific, individual and dynamic assessment of your skills. Followed by  a realistic, challenging and progressive coaching ,developing the “inner game skills”which will give you more time to read and respond to the water, working with it and developing awareness and accuracy, timing and attack lines.

Duration: 1 day or longer if required

Accommodation: Optional


Dates: Dates to be arranged directly. Please use the booking form information Tab, or contact me directly for more information.

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Advanced White Water Courses

Want to push your limits, discover new skills and explore your boundaries. Lots of options, lots of rivers, lots of fun.

For more information please use the contact/booking form or give me a call.

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Accelerated Paddle-Sport Program

If you are new to canoe-sport and wish to consolidate your initial learning programme this is for you. Top level, cutting edge coaching, promoting Safe, Enjoyable, Learning. Commitment from both sides.  We plan the package together, and look at your wants and needs. Programme the training and go and paddle. This can be tailored specifically to your needs and lifestyle.

Duration: Continuous Development

Accommodation: Optional

Price: Initial deposit required .

Dates: Please make direct contact to arrange a suitable time and venue to discuss your requirements.

Booking: Please contact CSC directly for an individual assessment and personal quotation: Click Here

Introduction Taster session – Kayak – Canoe or both.

An ideal opportunity to get involved and to try out this rapidly growing recreational, fun sport. Whether it’s for you, a family member or friend this could be the ideal way to have some expert 1 to 1 coaching in a friendly environment. You decide on the venue and time, we will do the rest.

Individual – group – club rates available.

Duration: Hourly or daily rates available.

Accommodation: Optional


£85.00 for one to one coaching Half day or £140.00 full day

Dates: Dates are arranged with the clients, evening sessions can be considered.Its best to contact us directly and arrange sessions/courses. Please use our booking form and check out the Calender for availability.

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