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British Canoeing – White Water Safety Rescue Training ( WWSRT) 2 Day course

Course Outline:

This 2 day training course will give you the practical skills to look after yourself your group,and your kit, using the latest protocol and practical skills, to ensure safe,effective  rescues or recovery in the moderate water environment. This is a very hands on course, covering both open canoe, kayak and specialist boat rescues if needed. This hands on approach to training will increase your awareness and technical knowledge as you are given the resources to put into practice through realistic, practical practice scenarios.

During the course we will explore:Defensive Swimming - Aggressive Swimming- Rescue Protocols - Teamwork-Shallow water crossings - Reaching rescues - Equipment selection - Safe paddling and leading - Throw-line rescues- Tensioned/ Downstream Diagonals - Foot entrapment's - Stopper rescues and river hydrology - Rope rescues and mechanical advantage - Gear extraction

Pre-Requisites - The course is conducted on grade 2 -3 water, so candidates must be:

  • Confident in their ability to paddle on grade 2 water.
  • Confident swimming in normal canoe clothing suitable for a moving water environment.
  • A minimum of 16 years of age

Fist Aid : A first aid certificate is not a pre-requisite; however the holding of a  first aid certificate is strongly recommended

The WWSRT course is a pre-requisite for the 4 star leadership assessment.

Duration: 2 Days

Accommodation: Not included.


Individual, less any equipment £160.00

Group rates of 4 to 6 candidates , £600.00 within reasonable traveling distances.



3 -4th March 2018 - South Wales

Please get in touch if,you would like us to run a course for you.

If you have a group (min 4) That would like a bespoke course putting together, please get in touch to see how we can help.