Coaching Courses

Our range of British Canoeing (BC)courses are second to none, offering superb value for money. You can choose to have the course delivered at your own club or venue, or book onto one of our independent courses.

Courses require a minimum of 6 candidates to run, please contact us if you would like to discuss a closed course for your club or centre. You will not be disappointed by our professionalism and student centred delivery meeting and exceeding expectations on all of our courses. Our client list ranges far and wide, international, national companies, clubs , organisations and of course individuals too.


British Canoeing PaddleSport Instructor Award

British Canoeing PaddleSport Instructor Award. 

This 4 day training and assessment course is the start of the coaching pathway and is suitable for all who are introducing people to all types of paddle-sport, in a Very Sheltered Water Environment, offering taster sessions. It is seen as the ideal award for club and professional coaches who are going to introduce complete novices to many different types of craft, and start their Long Term Paddler Development (LTPD) .Candidates are required to register for the award using the BCU – Central Registration Form

Duration: 4 Days (5 days with Foundation Safety Rescue Training Course)

Accommodation: Not provided

Price: 4 days £285.00 – (5 Days £325.00 including FSRT if arranged )


23 – 26th November 2017 – closed course

10 – 13th December 2017 – closed course

21 – 24th January 2018 – closed course

3/4th – 24/25th February 2018 – Melksham canoe club. SPACES

19 – 22nd February 2018 – closed course

11 – 14h March 2018 – closed course

15 – 18th March 2018 – closed course

5 – 8th April 2018 – closed course

9 – 12th April 2018 – closed course


Further courses dates available on request.

Please contact us for course dates to suit your club ,centre or group. Group bookings attract a discounted rate on all courses. Minimum 6 candidates per course, maximum of 12.

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British Canoeing Coach Award Core Training

British Canoeing Level 2 Coach Core Training- 2 Days.

Having completed the BC Level 1 Course/ Paddle Sport Instructor, APL or just want to get a thorough introduction to coaching then this Is the natural progression for you.

This two day training course focuses on the sports science approach to coaching,investigating memory management, coaching and learning styles and delivering specific and individual coaching to students, during a progressive series or development sessions. You will leave the course with a comprehensive action plan and support pack, which will guide you towards your assessment in your chosen discipline. CSC can also offer Mentoring Support for coaches working towards their assessment.


Duration: 4 Days

Accommodation: Optional

Price: £185.00

we are currently plannning Course dates for 2018.


Further courses coming soon. Please get in touch if you would like us to run a course exclusively for your club or organisation , these courses attract a substantial discount . Groups of 6 to 12 only

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British Canoeing Level 2 Coach Assessment.

At canoe sport coaching we have a great reputation of offering superb non intrusive and very supportive assessments, and your feedback shows this time and time again. This one day assessment concentrates on the practical delivery of sessions by the candidate, session safety and personal performance. Currently there are various options to the assessment route, boat based, bank based, canoe, kayak or existing route.The course is restricted to only 3 candidates. You are also encouraged to provide your own suitable candidates for your assessment. Considerable pre-assessment planning has to take place before candidates are ready for assessment, therefore it is important that you are given sufficient time to plan your assessed sessions, so that a realistic and honest assessment can be achieved on the day. Please book early so that you give yourself sufficient time to prepare.

We are always happy to discuss options and alternative dates to suit you. Please ask


3rd December 2107

16th December 2017

Alternative dates can be arranged a minimum 4 weeks out.

Duration: 1 day

Accommodation: Optional



Mentoring and Guidance.If you would like guidance or individual mentoring towards the award,this could be an individual observation of practical elements prior to assessment,at your work place or with a group you normally work with, or just advice and guidance on muddling through your portfolio. Please get in touch if this looks like a useful option for you.

Candiadte reassessment for incomplete tasks and additional completion of paperwork is £85.00.

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Assessments can be arranged at a venue to suit you, and usually work well if you are assessed in your normal coaching environment. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange an assessment date.

Moderate Water Endorsement WW

British Canoeing Moderate Water Endorsement awards

Why not use your 4/5 star leadership award and UKCC level 2 coaching award, to lead groups on Moderate Water. The Moderate Water Endorsement will allow you to lead groups and coach them on grade 1 – 3 water, opening up fantastic opportunities for you and your club. Eventually leading to 3 star assessor status for those who wish to pursue this route also.

You will need to be a new BCU-UKCC Level 2 coach or higher, equivilant on the old scheme, with 4 star leader and current safety training, or of course you could APL.

Our training courses are a minimum of two days. Candidates will then be required to consolidate their coaching and produce a log book with minimum of 10 days / sessions demonstrating varied coaching practices within the moderate water environment applying UKCC Level 2 coaching traits .


Moderate Water Award Training Courses (Assessment course dates below)

Duration: 2 days (minimal)

Accommodation: Optional

Price: £165.00

Location : South Wales/ North Wales


2 – 3rd April 2016 – Llangollen , north Wales

1 – 2nd October 2016 – Llangollen , north Wales

5 – 6th November 2016 – Brecon , South Wales


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Moderate Water Award Assessment courses 

Duration: 1 day

Accommodation: Optional

Price: £105.00


7th November 2016 – Brecon , South Wales

Alternative dates can always be arranged to suit you, provided sufficient time has been allocated (6 weeks usually).

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British Canoeing Level 2 Transfer options

For level 1 & 2 coaches wishing to make the move across to the UKCC.

If you have thought about changing your coaching mechanism, perhaps now is the time to update and transfer across to the UKCC. These courses will help you achieve, and better still understand the move across to the UKCC coaching system. The courses are structured and delivered to meet the group needs, whilst trying to balance information overload with practical sessions. Both courses can currently be delivered in a single day, although our courses will be delivered over two days.Current, active Candidates currently have the option of a 1 or 2 day course. Please give us a call to discuss your best option.

BCU / UKCC Transfer Module – Level 1 Coach

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Accommodation: Optional

Price: £110.00   –  2 days £160.00


Currently no dates have been submitted.Dates can be arranged to suit you, minimum 3 candidates, max 6. Please contact us to see if we can help out, even if you are on your own.

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BCU / UKCC Transfer Module – Level 2 Coach

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Accommodation: Optional

Price: £110.00 or 2 days £160.00


Please get in touch if you would like us to run a transfer course .

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