Guide Endorsement

The Guide Endorsement is aimed at British Canoeing Leaders to support and recognise the additional skills required when fulfilling a guiding role.

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The Guide Endorsement is for British Canoeing Leaders who are involved in guiding activity, particularly those working within Adventure Tourism and Commercial Markets. This endorsement is aimed at supporting and recognising the additional skills required when fulfilling a guiding role.

The ethos of the scheme is to support, share and recognise the leaders guiding development. The cadre of Guides and aspirant Guides will be a supportive network of leaders, sharing best practice and like-minded ideas, in order to aid their learning and support paddlers on their journeys. The main purpose is that it is a healthy and supportive learning experience for all involved, whether it is the mentor, aspirant Guide or more importantly, the clients.

The endorsement is available to British Canoeing Leaders who have completed learning relevant to their guiding role. This may include topics such as trip planning/organisation, leadership styles, customer care, camp craft, minimising impact on communities/environment, adding value to the customer experience, with British Canoeing offering a range of modules covering these topics. Recognition that the Guide also meets minimum standards of deployment is also be built into the endorsement; this will cover first aid and a commitment to continual professional development.

Guide award Endorsement Downloads

We currently offer two of the five modules .Each module last a minimum of eight hours and can be delivered over a longer period if needed, ideally linked into a trip or longer journey.

Guide award module outline and overview

Camp Craft and Expedition Skills 

Background :This module is aimed at British Canoeing Leaders wanting to expand their knowledge and experience in guiding in their chosen environment

Trip Planning and Organisation 

Background: Decision making for trip planning and organisation starts potentially months ahead of getting on the water. There are many factors in play over the planning timeframe, some are intangible and cannot be changed like the hazards, whilst others, like the selection of the team of paddlers, are within a guide’s control to change and influence.

Prices . Module fees are £120.00 per module and this includes British canoeing administration and certification fees. Specific module delivery can be tailored over longer periods to meet more specific group needs if needed. Please get in touch.